There is a huge difference in painters’ ability, skill level, knowledge & professionalism.

Often times people remark that painter “X” is expensive while painter “Y” is cheaper. Many times there is a reason for the prices painters charge; often the more expensive painter is the better painter.

Inexpensive painters sometimes won’t adequately factor in all their costs and may price the job too low.

When this happens, the customer pays the price because the painter may rush off the job, use low quality materials, not return phone calls or maybe not even return to the job if there is a problem.

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The Risks In Choosing a Low Bidder

Often the cheaper priced painter uses low-grade paints and products to paint customers interior/exterior homes and the customer has no way to check on this. This is unfortunate because the cost difference to the customer between the best and worst paints is only about $20 per gallon. A small price difference, but the difference in quality and how well it will last in and out of your home is significant.

Homeowners should have the painter name the specific paint product they will be using. It is not enough for them to just specify the paint manufacturer. Every major paint brand makes several grades of paint, ranging in quality for low to high. Expensive paint costs more money but is worth the cost in the long run.


There are 2 Types of Low Painting Bidders

1.  Contractors without the Experience to Bid Your Job Properly

2.  Contractors who Know all the Shortcuts on Quality (and you won’t see them until it is too late)

Most homeowners only hire a painting contractor every 5-10 years or more.

Most people don’t have the experience to know if the contractor has the required skills to complete a quality painting project that will look good and last. An inferior paint job will start to show in as little as 30 days and you can best the low bidder won’t have a warranty that you can enforce.

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous contractors that will take advantage of the homeowner’s lack of experience. They only compete on price because they don’t expect to work for you again. We refer to them as “Hit and Run” painting contractors.


JSL Painting does not work that way.  For over 25 years, I have had a very specific goal…

Make Every Client, a Client for Life!

I want every client to know that they have someone that they trust and respect and can turn to for all of their painting needs.